Internship with COCAP

Collective campaign for peace (COCAP) is a campaign based organization. Internship program is also available in COCAP. Persons who are interested to work as intern in this organization are warmly welcomed. Students must be studying bachelor for applying internship. Both national and international students can apply for the internship. The forms can be filled by coming to the COCAP office or online (as per convince).

Persons having the vigor, they are warmly welcomed in the organization. Interns can gain more knowledge in the area of human rights, non violent conflict transformation and peace building, social security/ protection, and even on the capacity building. Interns can also conduct researches.

There is a 5 months internship package in COCAP with the guidance. First interns are made to fill the forms and orientation is conducted. Interns are asked about their willing field to work and such environment is developed for the better cooperation and understanding. They are also sent to the related field to conduct the research.

• In the needy time COCAP may call all the interns in any day. Interns should be presented in the program when COCAP calls even    if the day is not their internship day.
• Interns should provide the prior information with cause to Program Officer if they are unable to come COCAP in their internship    day.
• It is mandatory for interns to participate in regular Friday discussion series of COCAP to broaden the knowledge on    contemporary issues.

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